Form 4 Security Deposit and Last Month s Rent Receipt Attach to your Lease I hereby acknowledge receipt of to be applied as follows First month s rent for month Last month s rent for deposit Security deposit Purchase or installation cost for new lock or key A tenant is entitled to interest on the security deposit and the last month s rent paid in advance as required by law. Interest is payable to a tenant at the end of each year of a tenancy. Upon termination of tenancy interest shall be...
security deposit and first month's rent form

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Instructions and Help about renters monthly receipt form

Hi if you're looking to get a monthly rental payment receipt template then you can go and do that right on this webpage just by clicking on this Adobe PDF link right here what is a monthly rental payment receipt template it is a receipt that is given by a landlord it's usually given when a cash payment is made for rent so that you have something that shows that you pay rent because obviously with cash there's no paper trail upon the landlord receiving it so when you do is the landlord or the tenant would enter the receipt number right here the date the amount was received the amount what that was received cash cheque number money order number right here or money order number right here from 10 a name enter the address here and here money received by this is either the landlord or the manager and they can either enter their name here or it's preferable that the they actually sign and that's it all you have to do after that is just print it right out and you have on one page as you can see you have up to three templates so that's it that's how you can write a monthly rental receipt form